XPHOTONICS is an East Coast based company that provides high quality design and development service in electronics and real-time embedded systems. A solid background in software and electrical engineering combined with reliable project management skills allows us to see your embedded systems development project through from start to finish.


We have experience with a broad range of microprocessor platforms including Intel, Motorola, Atmel, ST, Microchip, and more.











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·       Multi-Layer PCB design and prototyping.

·       FPGA and CPLD design

·       Embedded software design on various platform.

·       DSP design and implementation. Filter, DFT, LMS, and Motor Control.

·       VIS/IR CCD sensor

·       Windows and Linux platform implementations. Visual C++ for high performance user GUI interface.

Some of our completed embedded systems development include:

  • Airborne surveillance VIS/IR camera simulator
  • Hydraulic Motor control for Missile launch platform
  • Flight straight and Level algorithm
  • Low noise CCD readout circuit
  • IP stack on embedded system.
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Motion control
  • Medical devices
  • Integration of and development with various real-time operating systems (RTOS)